Planex Ltd.

Planex Ltd. was founded in 1993 and the owner of the company is Eng. Hristo Dimitrov. For more than 28 years the company has been developing its structure. Its current employees are over 400 engineers, technical managers, economists and workers from various construction specialties, divided into several structural units: Construction Directorate, which includes the Offer Department, Technical Department and Logistics; Finance and Accounting Department; Human Resources Department; Department of Mechanization and Motor Transport; functionally separate construction productions.

Planex Ltd. has two concrete units in the city of Varna, a company for the production of reinforcement prefabrication, as well as a workshop for furniture production. The company is equipped with modern formwork, heavy and light construction machinery.The company has won numerous awards for quality construction. Among them are 12 awards and nominations in the national competition “Building of the Year” as well as awards “Golden Plumb” of BCC OP Varna for residential, commercial buildings and sites in the social sphere, education and health.

More information about the company as well as about the implemented and current projects can be found on the information site of Planex Ltd.