Baumit Bulgaria EOOD

Our vision “We want people to live in healthy, energy efficient and beautiful homes”

Healthy, energy-saving and comfortable living increases people’s quality of life. Our four walls are a kind of protection for the family. Between them we rest, energize to meet the challenges of everyday life.

Company philosophy

The quality of management and environmental protection have been at the heart of the company ideal for decades. The cost of raw materials and fuels are leading tasks for us. We feel responsible for our associates, customers and the public to comply with all environmental laws and regulations. Baumit is a brand offering a complex product, of which 50% are quality materials and the remaining 50% are – logistics and service. In our business we rely on honest and correct relations and strict rules with customers and partners.


At the center of our production process is always the careful attitude towards natural resources. Environmental protection is firmly embedded in the corporate ideal.
Baumit’s highest objective is to develop new concepts and ideas that contribute to ensuring that the introduction of our products is related to reducing harmful emissions and limiting energy consumption. This is especially true for Baumit thermal insulation systems.